Problems of Mental Health in America

There is more than one problem with the mental health of America. There is more than one problem with the mental health of any country.

But our mental health is uniquely affected by our fascination and worship at the altar of celebrity. It hurts to see so much of human effort that centers around our celebrity-infected culture. Actors, actresses, singers — while I appreciate they entertain us, why are people so fascinated by their insipid lives??

Its this sort of shallow fascination that leads us to value things that don’t matter — celebrity — and de-value things that do — fellow human beings in our own local community.

We pawn off our local problems to “government,” not realizing that government is us. Everytime you pass someone on the street that’s homeless — remember, that could be you with a different roll of the dice.

And there’s the rub — a significant portion of the homeless are mentally ill and in need of our compassion and our treatment services in America.

Instead, they get neither. They get jailed. They get no treatment. And worst of all, they get our contempt.

We have a lot of problems with mental health in America. But they can all be traced back to you and I — our individual choices matter. Our individual efforts matter. And our individual focus — whether it be on celebrity or helping those in need in our society — matter.