Another Day, Another…

Another day, another… day. I look at my life in the past, and my life now, and life in the good ole USA, and it makes me wonder — what’s it all for?

I want to talk more about my care and treatment, but this is all I can write for now. More coming soon…

Problems of Mental Health in America

There is more than one problem with the mental health of America. There is more than one problem with the mental health of any country.

But our mental health is uniquely affected by our fascination and worship at the altar of celebrity. It hurts to see so much of human effort that centers around our celebrity-infected culture. Actors, actresses, singers — while I appreciate they entertain us, why are people so fascinated by their insipid lives??

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Treatment of my Mental Health

Treatment of my mental health was not simple nor obvious. It took 3 doctors and 4 therapists before I found the right ones who could figure out not only what was going on with me, but also what was going on with my mind.

Because when I first started losing my mind — that wasn’t obvious either.

My friends first noticed it, when I would stare off into the distance for minutes on end without hearing what they were saying. Then my family noticed I bagged off from going to the usual family affairs that I normally would show up to.

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Mental Health in America Today

Mental health in America today is in a state of disrepair.

The mental health treatment system in America is broken.

Providers don’t treat mental illness with the same science that is commonplace in medicine. Professionals often don’t have much of any idea about how to go about treating a patient, other than prescribing a set of medications or offering psychotherapy — all of which may or may not work.

Mental health in America today is in need of a tune-up and additional help.

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